Beach Cruiser Bikes (26″ custom painted single-speed coaster-brake cruisers)

Kids Cruiser Bikes (24″ and 20″ wheel single-speed coaster-brake cruisers)

24 Hours 2-3 DAYS 4-7 DAYS
Any Size Cruiser Bike $15 $35 $55
Locks, Baskets, and Helmets are supplied at no additional charge.  Our bicycles are not equipped for safe or lawful night riding. PLEASE LOCK BIKES WHILE UNATTENDED. You are responsible for your own safety as well as lost, stolen, or damaged equipment.  


24″ Cruiser for tweens and smaller adult riders.  We also have 20″ cruisers for the smaller set.

26″ Unisex Adult Yellowfin Custom Beach Cruiser. Baskets and Locks are included at no extra charge.


Established 1999


Yellowfin offers the friendliest customer service, top quality bikes, and competitive prices.


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FREE 30A Area Delivery for multi-day rentals